View Full Version : Access Requests here please!

1st September 2008, 17:26
Post here for access to the forums only AFTER you have applied via this forum, been accepted and are properly in corp in game.

31st December 2008, 06:27
Hi; requesting access to forums. Thank you!


Granted -Kit

Snow Monkey
23rd February 2009, 21:24
Monkey requesting access. :)

13th March 2009, 14:43
Little pig, little pig, let me in...


Big Illuminati eyeball thingie, let me in..

...whatever that is in your sig...


17th April 2009, 14:46
Ducs here requestin access :)

20th April 2009, 11:41
access request tah

Serra Starlust
6th July 2009, 03:16
I can haz access plz? K thx.

Landis Livengood
13th February 2010, 18:34
Access please approved

20th February 2010, 04:39
Access please as I am a member of STK since this morning.

slak gnat
22nd April 2010, 13:55
access request plz

22nd April 2010, 15:16
access request plz

who is this ? ?

22nd April 2010, 21:56
New guy for STK-M

23rd April 2010, 18:22

25th April 2010, 04:34
I request access....

30th April 2010, 14:51
I'm in STK-M Zuek and i'm not spy for the empire

6th May 2010, 11:38
STK-"M" ???? And

I'm in STK-M Zuek and i'm not spy for the empire

Since when was Ice Trevor?

who is this ? ?

6th May 2010, 13:06
If you're still needing STK-M access, please poke the STK-M leadership in-game and have them post in the STK-M Leadership forum. I'm sorry but I don't get into game regularly to check who's in what corp etc. I do however check my email about a bazillion times a day and the STK forum at least once a day so as soon as I get a leadership post, you'll have access.

Trev (the real one, not one of these dodgy imitations!)

grift nova
11th May 2010, 20:08
can i have access plz ty.

He is allowed general stk-s membership access

24th May 2010, 16:03
Need help with admin again Trev?

That use to be my job if you forgot Ice :-)

24th May 2010, 23:48
tl;dr Leadership can PM me to give people access to forums.


It seems that there's been a loss of knowledge over the months :)

Applicants can post in here as soon as they register in-game.
So they can post here, put in their app, say gimme access or whatever. BUT I don't read here because it's mostly the senseless bleating of recruits.
I don't play regularly so I can't verify if they're in corp yet, nor whether they're S or M (or both as in Kit's case)
It used to be that there was more than just me with admin rights but it seems that the other leaders are all getting laid or something and not reading here.
In the STK-M Leadership forum, I created a thread where STK-M leadership can say "please give xxx access". Whenever that lights up with "new posts" I check to see if there's something to do. It would be best if a thread was created in STK-S Leadership forum for the same purpose. Alternatively, just PM me.


9th June 2010, 02:44
o/ STK
Been away from eve a bit and would like to play with you guys again.

11th June 2010, 17:12
Hey Zeuk
Can i Pls get access back to Stk-S since Stk-m folded. Thxs

3rd July 2010, 13:55
Minorci requesting Access

4th July 2010, 07:53
Bundy requesting access... briefly considered adding some "mindless bleating" but couldn't come up with anything sufficiently pathetic.

4th July 2010, 16:55
Acess sorted fellas.

5th July 2010, 12:50
Requesting Access.

And Beer. I'm almost out.

Aimee Turk
6th July 2010, 07:22
Requesting access please

6th July 2010, 20:22
Edge and Aimee, you should be sorted.

8th July 2010, 09:00
Can I have acess please

8th July 2010, 09:29
access please. o/

8th July 2010, 19:49
Done Lachie :)

skyler McCrazy
9th July 2010, 05:39
i can has access?

11th July 2010, 23:54
Can I get some forum access crankin for Kimmyv please.

Much appreciated!


Mr Billybob
19th July 2010, 08:38
May I please?

i sent a mail to Zuek last night. ice

Done - Lakh

27th July 2010, 04:16
Ms. Spunk Munky requesting access :P

Application accepted and is allowed for member rules


28th July 2010, 00:55
need forum access

forum member rights allowed ........ ice3

The Pugilist
28th July 2010, 01:12
pug here requesting access

Forum member rights allowed .......ice3


29th July 2010, 22:52
Applied my ivar R'dhak and requesting full forum access.

APP Accepted ice

30th July 2010, 03:05
Forum access plz


1st August 2010, 13:43
Can I please get acess to the Forums Please

Done - Lakh

Jasmine Dupre
3rd August 2010, 22:55
Hi all can i please have access back? i know ive been inactive but i come here often to keep track and informed.

I understand if you dont...

4th August 2010, 02:26
do you still play the game at all ?

Nunzio Galt
5th August 2010, 01:41
Can Nunzio Galt please have access? :)

allowed general membership rights please ice3

Done - lakh

7th August 2010, 01:21
Can I please be granted access to these forums?

who are you ?? ice

Came over from Fun Inc/FRICK with the others. Aussie TZ.

Done - Lakh

Jasmine Dupre
7th August 2010, 14:21
Just resubed as im now redundant so hope to come back.

7th August 2010, 17:58
who are you ?? ice

He's one of the Auz TZ guys Ice.

9th August 2010, 21:27
Just resubed as im now redundant so hope to come back.

Hey Jas'. Good to hear your coming back. If your rejoining STK have a quick chat with Londo or Steyny. Once you're back in the corp I'll be happy to restore full member forum rights. :)

14th August 2010, 05:30
I saw nothing anywhere else, its an illusion :> Access for riverreign please

app accepted please give general membership rules thank you ice


Justin Xaltan
15th August 2010, 00:50
Access Requested

app accepted please give GENERAL membership roles thank you ice3


19th August 2010, 01:26
i need acces pls grand me =)

Save You
20th August 2010, 02:16
Need access please

please allow general member forums............. app accepted ice3


Lord Auir
20th August 2010, 19:36
Need access please.

Access granted - Lakh

22nd August 2010, 23:52
I can has access plweasy?? :P

please allow general member forum roles thank you ice3


Tycho Seafire
23rd August 2010, 05:39
access for Tycho/Dekar please

APP accepted please allow general forum access

Done - Lakh

Craig Linford
26th August 2010, 06:53
Access please, I am back to EVE!!.

Used to be in STK-S for a few years before I left eve 3 years ago!

Happy to back and playing again.

26th August 2010, 08:02
Access please, I am back to EVE!!.

Used to be in STK-S for a few years before I left eve 3 years ago!

Happy to back and playing again.

hehe, no access for you! I don't remember you, your forum post count is 1, and you're not in STK and never were according to your corp history.....go away!

26th August 2010, 12:07
hehe, no access for you! I don't remember you, your forum post count is 1, and you're not in STK and never were according to your corp history.....go away!


Craig Linford
26th August 2010, 16:38
LOL, I played under Lyrisa and also known as Angel, but sold them when I left.

26th August 2010, 16:47
*CareBearII thinks he shoulda posted under that name to start with then

26th August 2010, 17:19
if you want to come back to thee game you will need to do a FULL application and the interview process before even concidering forum access.... join in game channel stk scientific and ask for a recruiter

26th August 2010, 18:48
LOL, I played under Lyrisa and also known as Angel, but sold them when I left.

Your original forum account still exists you know. We need to verify you are who you say you are.

What happened to the toon you made when you came back in March of 2008. What was that toons name? What was your email address on your original forum account. Anybody that would recognize your voice?

Sorry, but we gotta verify.

27th August 2010, 03:27
Access please

application accepted please allow gneeral forum access ice

Done - Lakh

Craig Linford
27th August 2010, 08:02
If it still exists? Oh ok.

All my Toons where sold when I left EVE.

Lyrisa was my main account, also had Major Lin.

My E-Mail address was craig@pro-clan-hosting.co.uk, but I now longer have access to that account, as pro-clan.hosting.co.uk no longer exists on the "World Wide Web" (Said like Optimous Prime)

If Sha Kharn is here still he would know my voice and maybe Icey (the Aussy) as I meet both of them in person.

27th August 2010, 12:07
Ifn ya wanna still hang with Sha he is in VANIS :D


Wolfgang Achari
30th August 2010, 15:15
Needs teh access so I can get ma fix

application accepted please allow general member access ice3

Done - Lakh

31st August 2010, 02:18
Access please

think i have it already tho?


31st August 2010, 03:19
Access please

think i have it already tho?


Now you're doing things backwards. :D

Shocker Twice
30th September 2010, 03:13
Shocker requesting fourm access

Done - Lakh

illford baker
30th September 2010, 04:10
access please.

Done - Lakh

7th October 2010, 15:24
Suzimo here... back in corp! Access please!


Cassius Rex
9th October 2010, 01:44
New guy here (don't shoot!), in corp now, access please

application was accepted please grant PILOT access please ice3

Done - Lakh

Scarlet Intelis
10th October 2010, 05:29
Access please. I'm a new recruit that has been accepted

App accepted please give PILOT access thank you ice3


red giant401
13th October 2010, 02:12
i can has access? App accepted please give PILOT access thank you --ice3

dundundundundone - kalk

13th October 2010, 19:34
Can i please have access? ingame app accepted....ice3

Now ingame app has been accepted. 10/18/2010

i haven't seen my 50mil "forum access processing fee" yet... - kalk

19th October 2010, 18:44
requesting access please ingame application has been approved

I recommend an immediate visit to your doctor armed with this (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0000341) - kalk

19th October 2010, 21:24
requesting access please ingame app accepted ice3

Done - Lakh

Cpt Sharffenberger
21st October 2010, 02:56
request for access please

done - kalk

Hello Kitti
28th October 2010, 02:02
request for access plz

Done - kalk

2nd November 2010, 21:54
Request for access plz


3rd November 2010, 23:32
Request for access

Done - kalk

21st November 2010, 03:34
i require regular forum access please :)

Done - Lakh

Bungarus Candidus
23rd November 2010, 17:26
requesting access please

Done -- Ice

29th November 2010, 19:03
requesting access please

Done--- Ice

1st December 2010, 00:59
Access Request Plz

Done -- Ice

Davlin Lotze
5th December 2010, 06:07
Change in status, need access change, plz.

done -- ice

5th December 2010, 08:43

6th December 2010, 23:21
access request please

done -- ice

7th December 2010, 05:05
Please upgrade my access so i can read more good stuff!

no, gtfo --- ice

13th December 2010, 22:11
requesting access :)

Done - Lakh

25th December 2010, 15:01
meshian requesting access please

Done - Lakh

1st January 2011, 09:30
hey peeps could i grab forum access when someone has some time free?

Done - Lakh

6th January 2011, 07:00
Requesting access please


9th January 2011, 13:27
LeeManBob request access

10th January 2011, 05:01
Grandeur requesting access please

17th January 2011, 05:56
Access request please.

18th September 2011, 12:19
Can I get access.
Not looking at returning full time, just interested what you guys have been up to :)

15th April 2012, 16:48
access please =P

1st September 2012, 13:51
Returning pilot. I'd like my access reinstated please.


skyler McCrazy
8th December 2012, 18:31
hello, access request plz

Jasmine Dupre
27th September 2013, 10:49
Hi now that im back in corp can i have full access please

20th July 2014, 18:32
Hey Guys I think I have access but I would like to hook up with guys I trust and I know are casual again. Back from hiatus and all but ts will still be rare. I could definitely use some re-training and advice. My brother-in-law is out of game and passed on some few blueprints, transported in the AZN days. I am happy to donate those back to folks who will use them. I tried for a while to play at small high-sec corporations, my pvp runs to the I wanna be a hero so bad flavor. Let me know..

14th July 2016, 19:41
requesting access please

6th December 2016, 05:05
requesting access please

7th September 2017, 04:27
Requesting access plx

5th December 2017, 02:38
Can I pretty pretty please have more access, now that I have access, to request access? Thanks brosef!

5th December 2017, 02:56
Requestion access, please.

Trev Kachanov
19th December 2017, 20:47
request for access