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    Default Application Process and Requirements - READ BEFORE APPLYING V 2.0

    Please read, and understand before you post an application:

    1. Applicants who own a carrier are prefered.
    2. All applicants must be able to meet for an eve voice interview BEFORE you submit your application in game.
    3. You must follow the application post. Failure to do so WILL result in your application being deleted.
    4. You must not be a member (or recent member) of an alliance or corporation that we have negative standings to. Special cases may be reviewed, however this is extremely rare.
    5. Team Speak 3 and Mumble is required! (voice coms)
    6. You must not commit any hostile acts against any STK Scientific or a Friendly corp during the application process.
    7. You must submit your full api key(s) for review.

    Please see us in our public channel STK Scientific if there are any questions.

    The application process shouldn't take more than 3 days or so. We need time to review your application, do a background check and have a quick voice interview. It's not nearly as formal as it might seem, but this is our process for weeding out the asshats. You'll thank us later.
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